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CPS 14 with dac-SP

We are back in the CPS 14, after a break in the CPS 13, we got a space in


the 2nd division. It will be a challenge for us but we want show that we are


back .

On the first playday we had a break, so that we have today, at 20:30, our first


CPS 14 match against eu.gif vplus.

Our CPS 14 playdays:

1st: break

2nd: 14.12. 20:30h against eu.gif vplus

3rd: 21.12. 20:00h against pl.gif MD

4th: 04.01. 20:00h against de.gif THE

5th: 11.01. 20:00h against eu.gif ANE

6th: 18.01. 20:00h against be.gif IGn

7th: 25.01. 20:00h against de.gif Lioncast


our CPS 14 line up

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14.12.14 17:45h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


6 new players for the Tm2 Stadium squad







Our Clan says welcome to the following players:


de.gif bobby he already joined to the stc playoffs.

de.gif blizz

lu.gif flits

cz.gif milmy as guestdriver from focuson.

cz.gif lufty as guestdriver from eSuba.

fr.gif kev as guestdriver from fureur.

We wish you a nice time in our clan .



And our guestplayers de.gif chillz and de.gif vale are now fullmember


in our team .

02.12.14 18:34h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


STC10 resume


The stc was for us more or less a cup where our team had to find

together. In the only 3 team group with de.gif eK and fr.gif aAa we had no


chance to reach in the winner bracket, but the groupstage showed

a first sign of the potential our team could have in beating aAa on

one map.

Result of the groupstage:

de.gif dac-SP vs de.gif eK 0:3 (3:7/0:7/0:3)

de.gif dac-SP vs fr.gif aAa 1:2 (0:7/7:2/0:3)

In the stc lowerbracket playoffs we beat eu.gif MUD and tr.gif owG. And in

the semifinal we lost in a close match against fr.gif orks/cam.

results of the Lowerbracket:

1/8 final de.gif dac-SP vs eu.gif MUD 2:1 (7:0/7:1/0:3)

1/4 final de.gif dac-SP vs tr.gif owG 2:1 (7:4/0:7/3:0)

1/2 final de.gif dac-SP vs fr.gif orks/cam 0:2 (5:7/3:7)


played maps by playe

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25.11.14 16:02h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


2 new players for the Tm2 Stadium squad









Our Clan says welcome to the following players:


de.gif Greeny

tr.gif daddy


We wish you a nice time in our clan.

04.10.14 19:03h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


STC10 with dac-SP










A new edition of STC is incoming again and we are going to







Since our comeback it´s our first tournament together. Unfortunately we

had a bit bad luck by the  draw of the groups. So we will face de.gif eK


and fr.gif aAa in the only 3 teams group.



It´s a very tough group for us but we will be prepared and are looking to

give our opponents some close fights.




On sunday the 05.10.2014 we will play against de.gif eK , it is our first war in


Tm2 Stadium without playing together with an other team and in Tm since


our team broke last year in the summer.

On sunday the 19.10.2014 we will play against
fr.gif aAa (former 3DMAX).

dac-SP STC line up

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01.10.14 15:45h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


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