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New Clanskin

Our new Clanskin, made by peiks, is ready to be used in the next tournements:


Team skin for DAC-SP edition 2017





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CPS18 resume

The 18th edition of ESLs CPS just ended yesterday for both our teams in the second Opel League Team 1 was able to secure second place behind the MnM Academy Team with a total Score difference of 20:16 and 4-0-2 Matches.





Team1 had a convincing start by starting defeatless into the first three games but then they lost their first Match against ANE&BCS 6:0 it was a close Match but as a team1 "disease" they were not able to capitalize form ANE&BCS mistakes and to win one of the close submatches.




Next up was MnM Academy. The Match that would decide who will take the crown home and win their Division.



Again the same proecedures, individual mistakes and not being consistent enough did cost a win again.



Eventhough we "only" got second place we are happy with the result of this CPS Season!



By starting with a second team we took a great risk again, last time we played with two teams in an ESL Competition we almost had to close down our TrackMania section, it is safe to say that this was by far our biggest fear to fail again with a second team.



But it turned into something positive, a big thanks to the Easy.esports guys which drove in team2 and had a huge effect on the team2 placement.


The second team ended up on 5th place and can look back on a positive Season we had no Idea where the second team will end up so we were suprised when team1 and team2 ended up in the second OL Div.
Team2 lost none of their submatches to 0 except the 3v3 against our first team.



We want to thank all Participants in our League for a succesfull league system and ESL Trackmania for hosting this league for such a long period of time.



Final Open League Divison 2 standings.
1.MnM Academy
3.Exo Unity Gaming

6.Team eDen
7.Dexterity eSports

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Intern endurance Cup and new players

Hello guys,



our internal endurance race will be played this sunday (07.05.2017) at


20:00 CEST. We will have a 15min. warm up the race will end around






We say welcome to the following 3 new members:














And the following members passed the trialtime: Loller, Teebs, Luuuke and Destruction.


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TMM 2017

Groups and Matches have been anounced a few days ago. We got into the Group D with the following teams:




eXeS eSport


A New Era Community






Our first Match will be agains ANE Community ,it will be probably the deciding Match for 2nd Place as most people will see eXes as the favourite spot of winning the group.




GL & HF to all Teams! 

our line up

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A Blast From The Past
















On last Sunday our TrackMania United Forever Team had a small reunion.


Overall we played with atleast 20 former and present players of dacSP, it was a lot of fun and we even managed to get a United Servers onto the front page of TMNUF while playing with 36 Players from all different teams such as hal.ko and air.


It was really fun event that will be held again in the future but maybe in another Game such as CoD that a lot of us enjoyed a lot back in the time.


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