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TrackMania People!

TrackMania People!


A lot of guys criticize that a lot of old Teams are going to die.


As you maybe now we roll now for quite a time in this game.


But it is really hard to keep good players or build a good Team, if you are not playing in the Premier League or especially if other (better) Teams are trying to recruit them.


No doubt, it happened all the time, in commercial sport anyway and will of course continue in the future, but it is very frustrating if your key players are going to leave and you have to start at 0.


Especially if the Teams where your players went, are going to disband after the tournament and won´t come back.


Most of you know that we are struggling to compete with a lot of teams but since we are making improvements the amount of offers towards our players are increasing a lot. It is for sure a compliment for our work but as we mentioned before, it is a problem at the same time.


Of course, it is comprehensible that every team wants to be the best and tries to improve. But there is a big gap between achieving the top level and just recruiting, isn´t it a much cooler and satisfying feeling if you worked hard and got to the top, or being at least able to compete with your direct competitors?


Where are critics going out to the players too, there is a number of people who are switching teams faster than light.

A lot of people are trying to go the easy way when it is not going to happen as planned, people are leaving instead of staying. That is kind of a problem for sure.


As a result, it is difficult to plan a Team structure because you don´t know if the player will stay at the team or not., in fact of that you can´t be a good Team, consistency is needed to build up a good Team.


We want to appeal to all Teams and players to keep that in mind.


As a player, you should have fun with your mates driving matches and shouldn´t run behind every offer you receive, just to make small improvements.


As a Team, you should look on public servers for useful players that could enrich your teams, if they have protentional why not trying to captivate them for the competitive leagues?


That is at least our point of view.


Thank you for your attention and keep respect to the teams who are trying their best to play competitive and do not have the possibilities to gather that much players for matches.


Team dacSP

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03.02.17 15:26h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


Little Trackmania United comeback
















Hey guys,


we want make a little Trackmania United comeback with our team


maybe its just for one weekend or so but if you are interessted you


can take a look here:



Its in german, if you have questions pls contact me or use our fb

and discord to contact us.


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01.02.17 21:44h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


dac-SP LoL team is open again

Yo guys,

our Leaque of Legends team is back.

If you want play in the team you just have to join and be active.


If you want to join write a join-us on this site or write Sennox (LoL -


Teamleader) or Killervirus (Clanleader) a message.




We have no fixed lines yet.

03.01.17 00:52h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


eXes cup quali and groupstage

We passed the quali on place 25 from 38 teams, with 3 wins and 3 loses matches.



Our qualimatches:


dac-SP vs iGn  7:0


dac-SP vs orKs. 1:7


dac-SP vs Spam 7:5


dac-SP vs MyMo 0:7


dac-SP vs vsp 4:7


dac-SP vs THC 7:2




With that results we are placed in group 3 in the groupstage with eK MnM hpD Swido and Speedo.



We hope that we will have some good matches and that we can maybe surprise a bit.



Our Groupstage matches:


dac-SP vs eK sunday 04.12.2016 at 20:00


dac-SP vs MnM sunday 11.12.2016 at 20:00


dac-SP vs hpD sunday 18.12.2016 at 20:00


dac-SP vs Swido sunday 08.01.2017 at 20:00


dac-SP vs Speedo sunday 15.01.2017 at 20:00


some quali stats

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28.11.16 16:41h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


eXes cup and new players

Our eXes cup Line up is complete; we will play with a full roster of 15 Players.



It´s the second cup in the past one year that we are playing as a solo team since we decided to close our competitive squad one Year ago.



So here we are with the following Players attending our next cup:



• da¢SP´Mг.Mเןรtг๏. シ
• da¢SP'flaXx. シ
• da¢SP´PepZi.シ
• da¢SP Sholto シ
• da¢SP´killervirus. シ (C)
• da¢SP 'ғuri. シ
• da¢SP´Dizzee.Who?
• da¢SP'Nooby. シ
• da¢SP´Roman24680. シ
• da¢SP´Snx. シ
• da¢SP´Wario. シ
• da¢SP´Vin. シ
• da¢SP´Santus. シ (C)
• da¢SP´dikxy. シ
• da¢SP´chillz. シ



We are thankful for those who stayed with us after we disbanded (flaXx, Sholto, Furi) and who came back (chillz). And of course, who came new to our team and who are reviving the spirit of the dacsquad.


Again, a huge shout out to our Leader Team Killervirus and Santus who did not gave up to keep this Team alive, thank both of you!



A short response by Killervirus and Santus:



„We are glad and very proud that we are able to play solo as an own team in a Championship again. It is great to see that our vision, to become a competitive Team again became real! “

new players

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19.11.16 15:37h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


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