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GTP Pro Saison Nr. 6 Rennen 2/12 am 12.09.2011




Link zum Livestream:
Link zum Chat



Viel Spaß beim Zuschauen und Daumen drücken.

more details

11.09.11 22:54h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


Clanpage goes online










Yeah, the new clanpage is online!

Here, you can easily log in with your account. So, take a look at the new page with all its features! Furthermore, the new page is linked to the forum. So you can check what is going on here.
Besides, all matches will be organised on the new clanpage. For this reason, please make sure to check the news about the clanwars.


One important thing: Pls try to look into the Forum into thintern Forums, if you don´t see it write it to killervirus.


Feedback thread:


have fun on our new page

05.09.11 19:02h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


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