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GTP Pro 5/12 Rennbericht







Das 5. Rennen der Saison im schönen Argentinien stand an. Der Potrero de los Funes Circuit hat geladen. Schon letzte Saison war man hier zu Gast. Schließlich ist es im Vergleich zu manch anderen neu gebauten Strecken ein wirklich gelungenes Layout.


Die Qualifikation sollte schon mal zeigen was im Rennen möglich sein kein.


Leider kam es dann doch ein klein wenig anders...


I know, the report is in german. But let us do this step by step


28.10.11 17:57h (Beitrag von: de raven)


EMS and CAP coming soon











After the hard and challening STC8 season, we are now looking forward to the next tournament:





After finishing the last season in League 2 at 6th place, we want to improve this result now. So we tried to qualify for the EMS. Unfortunatly, we couldn´t succed in the first EMS Qualifier. The final was close but we had to give the EMS slot for the final´s winner to String cl.gif.

For this reason, we tried again to get a slot in the EMS Qualifier #2. This time, we won the final-match against [GL] no.gif and snatch a slot for the EMS.


Because of having many talented players in our team, we can manage to take part in the tournanemt with two teams. The first team will join the EMS. However, it´s not sure yet in which division our second team will drive.


But we are confident that we can drive a good season with both teams.



26.10.11 19:15h (Beitrag von: de ice-boy77)


GTP Pro Series Race 5/12


Link to the livestream:

Link to the chat:


Stream should start @ 8pm

Tune in and have fun!

more details

24.10.11 10:39h (Beitrag von: de raven)


GTP Pro Series Race 4/12



Link to the livestream:

Link to the chat:


Tune in and have fun!

more details

09.10.11 23:23h (Beitrag von: de raven)


GTP Pro Series Rennen 3/12





Start at 20:00 today




Link zum Livestream:
Link zum Chat

Viel Spaß beim Zuschauen und Daumen drücken.



more details

26.09.11 16:42h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


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