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GTP Pro Series VII 09/12


Link to the livestream: Stream

Link to the chat: Chat


Stream should start @ 8.15pm

Tune in and have fun!


There is also a stream from grid 2(starts ~10 minutes earlier), but no one from our team drives there:

Stream / Chat

more details

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12.06.12 20:45h (Beitrag von: de raven)


UL9 resume















Yesterday we played our last match in the UL9 against fr.gifTeam Rocket. We played for the 9th place in the 2nd division. After very nice and close runs we won 4:3 against R>>



stadium: R>> 0:7 dacSP

rally: R>> 7:1 dacSP

Snow: R>> 7:5 dacSP
Island: R>> 5:7 dacSP
Bay: R>> 4:7 dacSP
Desert: R>> 7:1 dacSP
Coast: R>> 2:7 dacSP

Overall R>> 3:4 dacSP (32:35 rounds)




We also got a new player in our United team, a big welcome to de.gifTechno in our team.

stats from the UL9

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17.05.12 20:03h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


dac-SP goes CAP9 with 2 Teams.











On sunday 13.05.2012 the next CAP and EMS session will start with overall 72 teams and 7 groupplaydays.


Our 1st team will play in the 2nd division, against the following teams;


1st:  fr.gif Saphire by 1puRe eSports

2nd: eu.gif Iconic

3rd:  br.gif Seven Eleven

4th:  pt.gif EvC DarkTeam

5th:  py.gif Mouse Control TMNF

6th:  se.gif Druidz.TMNF

7th:  eu.gif A New Era


and with the following Lu:


de.gif killervirus leader not in team

1:   de.gif inzua leader

2:   de.gif icey leader
3:   de.gif Fegir
4:   de.gif John
5:   de.gif Kimi
6:   de.gif momo
7:   ch.gif Oli
8:   fr.gif Papou
9:   de.gif Philkos
10: de.gif racehans

11: cz.gif revial

12: de.gif Soil

13: tr.gif Vertigo



Our 2nd team will play in the 5th division group B, against the following teams:


1st:  de.gif n!faculty Trackmania

2nd: es.gif New Team trackmania

3rd:  ru.gif Imperial Residents ...

4th:  ru.gif new world order

5th:  fr.gif Dieux Du Pieu

6th:  de.gif elite.esl

7th:  de.gif Easy.eSports


and with the following Lu:


1:   de.gif killervirus leader
2:   de.gif tom leader
3:   de.gif krobo leader
4:   de.gif barti
5:   fr.gif cutkiller
6:   gr.gif danger
7:   de.gif drag
8:   de.gif flaxx
9:   de.gif HM
10: de.gif Palme
11: de.gif Rukey
12: de.gif Schatten
13: de.gif Shuffler
14: de.gif Skater
15: de.gif Slayer
16: no.gif Spurv
17: de.gif Sunk
18: de.gif Target
19: py.gif Vorti

20: ar.gif Zycsel




Both teams will start against strong opponents: 1st vs 1pure and the 2nd vs n!. Lets hope for good matches and a good session gl hf to everyone


new members

11.05.12 13:45h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


Dac-SP goes Facebook









Hey Guys,


We are now available on Facebook gogogo join and like it.


A big thanks to kimi for forming the site.




11.05.12 13:06h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


TM Masters Final











Oh my God! My heart is still beating a thousand times per Sec after this War! What an awesome Match against "BX3" no.gif! This victory brought us right into the Final of the TM Master.


We really want to thank "BX3" no.gif for this fantastic match and wish them good Luck in the Match for 3rd Place against "DruidZ" se.gif!


In the Final we´ll be facing "@gamed!de" de.gif who showed "Team Acer" de.gif the way back home and made it against "DruidZ" se.gif through the Semi-Finals. A pure German Final - still can´t believe that! This is going to be an awesome Match - so don´t miss it and be there, watch a Streams or take a Seat on one of the Relay-Servers.


Best Regards, Palme



20.04.12 20:24h (Beitrag von: de PaLmE)


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