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TMM TC13 resume

TMM TC13: dacSP in top16

Our team has finished rivalries in the TMM unfortunately we were unable to repeat the success of the previous edition.
Beginning of the tournament was very successful for us. Throughout the group stage we won all matches and lost only one map.
In first round of the playoffs we played with mp. Our team well prepared for this match and we won it 3-0. In second round we played against RtA. The match ended with the victory of the RtA and it was our last match in this edition of TMM.

All matches:
dacSP vs Bt 3:0 (21:7)
dacSP vs Fusion 3:0 (21:1)
dacSP vs Saw 3:0 (21:16)
dacSP vs FD 3:0 (21:1)
dacSP vs mp 3:0 (21:5)
dacSP vs RtA 0:2 (9:15)

Number played matche

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Facebook account is back









Hey guys,

after fixing some issues with this page we are back now!
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TMM TC13: We are in playoffs











TMM TC13: We are in playoffs

After a very good game in the group stage came time for playoffs. Our first opponent will be minipeace.
Mp took second place in group E and lose only in match against BX3. For us, the group stage ended very well because we won all matches and didn't lose any map.



Classification in group A: dacSP 12 Pts Saw 7 Pts Fusion 6 Pts Butchers Team 3 Pts Team Flying Dragons 2 Pts





New players for the playoffs


de.gif drag and de.gif flaxx will give there comeback in our team, after they have been inactive.

at.gif Rafa joined our team, welcome in our team.





Playoffs 1st round vs mp:



in the first round of the playoffs we will drive against mp. We hope that we can do a repetition from the last TMM, where we won 21:2 in the second round of the playoffs.

The match against minipeace will be on Sunday at 20:30.

The match will be streamed by StubbyTv

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written by mysterio

Number of matches

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TMM 2013 coming soon

Soon the next TMM session will start. Last season for our team was very successful. Our team won all matches in group. Later we beat teams like: Funteam, minipeace, Frogs of War and BX3. Throughout the tournament, we lost only one match. This match we played with another very good German team-GAMED.DE. Eventually, we lost this match but we was on second place in this tournament! I hope we can repeat this very good result.  The first matches of tournament will be held on 10th March.


Our opponents in the groupstage:

pl.gif Butchers Team

de.gif Fusion

fr.gif SAW

de.gif Team Flying Dragons


Our squad for this tournament:


de.gif killervirus Clanleader not playing
de.gif momo
de.gif icey
de.gif robin
de.gif hive
de.gif schatten
de.gif dovi
tr.gif vertigo
lt.gif nostro
de.gif Dns  guest
fr.gif aswer
de.gif philkos
de.gif flaxx
lt.gif bits
nl.gif hacktiv
de.gif palme
pl.gif mysterio

de.gif fegir

de.gif barti

co.gif details

tr.gif izmir


And welcome to our new drivers: Aswer, mysterio and dns.


written by mysterio

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stc9 resume / New Members














The stadium team championship, the last tournament in 2012, is already finished. We took part with two teams this time. Team 1 had to face hpd, avenue, FoW, iGn and Win.Rar#. Unfortunatly, team 2 had no luck with the group drawing. In division 5, they had to compete against BX3, GL, vXa, Saw. and WTF?. So we knew, it will be very hard to reach the playoffs with team 2. In the end, we finished 4th in groupstage but they showed a good performance in many matches, especially against BX3.

However, team 1 managed to go through the groupstage at position 1 easily : defwin, 21-4, 21-5, 21-9, 21-0 in groupstage. Due to the fact that acer finished 2nd in their group, the opponent in the next round was acer, one of the best teams at the moment. We knew, we had to train much more against such a great team to be able to resist against them. In fact, it was a really exciting!


First map: STC9/NC8 Meecrob.

Both teams were well prepared for this match. Robin, Oli, fegir, azina and kulvis against frostbeule, g00x, shief, Sani0 and PokeR. The match was pretty balanced. Though, acer was leading 6-4 after 11 rounds. But with great runs and an impressive performance we won the next 2 rounds → 6-6 on the first map against acer, what a pressure now for our drivers! Unfortunatly, we lost the next lap and therefore the first map. However, it was pretty close and 2 more maps left to win against acer! Worth mentioning: frostbeule was insane on the first map. 111 out of 140 points and 30 points ahead all other drivers.


Second map: STC9/NC8 Rebujito

No more excuses, we mustn´t lose this map! This time Oli, robin, vtr, icey and knight battled with frostbeule, g00x, poker, JWH and B3pp0'. After 3 rounds the score was 3-0 for dacSP, a pretty nice start on the second map. But acer was able to comeback and take the lead with 4-3 after 8 rounds. We needed a good round now to calm down and don´t get too nervous. Fortunatly, we won the next round: 4-4. Acer took the lead again with 5-4 and we countered, 5-5. The next rounds will decide wether there will be a decider map or not. The next two rounds were pretty close 29-26 and 28-27. Unfortunatly, both rounds were won by acer.

All in all, it was a very nice, close and exciting match. You can check out the whole match on youtube. ( )


Thanks to all drivers who drove for dacSP this year. It has been a very good year for dacSP. Let´s hope for another good year in 2013!


written by icey

New Members

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