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eXes cup and new players

Our eXes cup Line up is complete; we will play with a full roster of 15 Players.



It´s the second cup in the past one year that we are playing as a solo team since we decided to close our competitive squad one Year ago.



So here we are with the following Players attending our next cup:



• da¢SP´Mг.Mเןรtг๏. シ
• da¢SP'flaXx. シ
• da¢SP´PepZi.シ
• da¢SP Sholto シ
• da¢SP´killervirus. シ (C)
• da¢SP 'ғuri. シ
• da¢SP´Dizzee.Who?
• da¢SP'Nooby. シ
• da¢SP´Roman24680. シ
• da¢SP´Snx. シ
• da¢SP´Wario. シ
• da¢SP´Vin. シ
• da¢SP´Santus. シ (C)
• da¢SP´dikxy. シ
• da¢SP´chillz. シ



We are thankful for those who stayed with us after we disbanded (flaXx, Sholto, Furi) and who came back (chillz). And of course, who came new to our team and who are reviving the spirit of the dacsquad.


Again, a huge shout out to our Leader Team Killervirus and Santus who did not gave up to keep this Team alive, thank both of you!



A short response by Killervirus and Santus:



„We are glad and very proud that we are able to play solo as an own team in a Championship again. It is great to see that our vision, to become a competitive Team again became real! “

new players

And we say welcome in our team to the new players:


• da¢SP´PepZi.シ
• da¢SP´Dizzee.Who?
• da¢SP´Roman24680. シ
• da¢SP´Snx. シ
• da¢SP´Vin. シ
• da¢SP´dikxy. シ



and to da¢SP´chillz. シ who is back in our team.



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de killervirus - 19.11.16 15:37h
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