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A TrackMania era comes to his end...





Nearly 10Years of TrackMania Tech appearance are ending today. The bright and shiny time stopped several years ago but we never gave up but today we will close our TrackMania Team after a lot of problems, troubles and disappointing moments in the past 6 months we decided now to make the cut instead of having an never ending story of inactivity and defwins in future tournaments. We want to thank everybody who supported us through the past years/months/days even in the hard times.





Special thanks to Killervirus who was leading the team since the birth of the dac Tm team and from the beginning of the fusion from dac and SP and all other who are/were part of this fantastic team. We hope you enjoyed your time in dacSP or being a fan of us.





We hope that we can be someday back with a strong and hardworking line up!
After 9 Years, 10 Months and 740 driven clan wars we will do a stop in competing in different tournaments, however our TMU team will probably compete in the next UL or FET.





The leader team

Killervirus, Flame & Santus

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de killervirus - 17.09.15 18:00h
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