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GTP Pro Series VII 10/12


Link to the livestream: Stream

Link to the chat: Chat (if it's still broken you can use a direct link here)


Stream should start @ 8.15pm

Tune in and have fun!


There is also a stream from grid 2(starts ~10 minutes earlier), but no one from our team drives there:

Stream / Chat (same as direct link above, just change to Room3)


Announcing race 10 from 12:

Circuit: Nürburgring, Germany
Track length: 5,146 km


More circuit informations on Wikipedia

Race length(Grid1/Grid2): 80 minutes
Conditions: light rain for 1/3 of racetime @ 18°C
Start(G1/G2): standing
Pit stops: 1 mandatory stop. At least 2 wheels must be changed. Time frame will be given by the game. Middle third of the race.

Damage: on
Fuel consumption: on
Tire wear: on
Driving aids: off (Automatic clutch: on)


After a successful return of Kim, the gap in the team championship to p3 are just 4 points.

With 3 races left, the chances are not so bad to climb into that position... again. But never forget the other teams, which are just 4, 6 and 11 points behind.

But that situation is nothing compared to the driver championship.

Place 2 and 9 seperates just 8 points, with Manuel tied for 4th place with 2 other drivers. 3 points behind second place. Because of the current situation with extra weight for championship position, the 21 points gap(for Manuel) to first place can be closed in the final races. From all drivers down to place 9!


Schedule, all times CET:

20:15: On Air
20:20: Qualification first part

20:40: Top 10 SuperPole
20:55: Warmup (5 minutes)
21:00: Racestart Grid 1 (80 minutes)
22:25: Analysis and interviews


Our drivers:

de.gifChristian Ahlbrand, de.gifManuel Gogeissl, de.gifKim Strohmann

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