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CPS 14 with dac-SP

We are back in the CPS 14, after a break in the CPS 13, we got a space in


the 2nd division. It will be a challenge for us but we want show that we are


back .

On the first playday we had a break, so that we have today, at 20:30, our first


CPS 14 match against eu.gif vplus.

Our CPS 14 playdays:

1st: break

2nd: 14.12. 20:30h against eu.gif vplus

3rd: 21.12. 20:00h against pl.gif MD

4th: 04.01. 20:00h against de.gif THE

5th: 11.01. 20:00h against eu.gif ANE

6th: 18.01. 20:00h against be.gif IGn

7th: 25.01. 20:00h against de.gif Lioncast


our CPS 14 line up

de.gif vogter

de.gif chillz

de.gif flaxx

de.gif vale

de.gif kingtim

de.gif bobby

de.gif shredd

tr.gif daddy

de.gif bouzz

de.gif blizz

lu.gif flits

cz.gif milmy

cz.gif lufty

fr.gif kev

de.gif santus will play in the CPS 14 as guestdriver in team hu.gif Azure

es.gif poliix will play in the CPS 14 as guestdriver in team fr.gif GRR

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de killervirus - 14.12.14 17:45h
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