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dac-SP goes YouTube










Hey Guys,


We are now available on YouTube.


Gogogo subscribe our channel and look on the dac-SP videos.


A big thanks to Santus and killervirus for forming the channel.




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» dac-SP fb » dac-SP yt
13.05.16 14:14h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


CPS 17 with dac-SP and new logo




In the ESL Trackmania CPS17‬ we will play together with IGN-eSports



dacSPwill compete with the following players :













And also we got a new Teamlogo you find it on our facebook page.

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» dac-SP fb » dac-SP yt » IGn hp
02.05.16 15:56h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


8 years dac-SP






Hello Folks,



the fusion of dac and SP was done 8 years ago, we made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun in our past!



A few months ago we had to announce that we will not play in any Competetive tournament for the next months.



But from now we are going to recrute again with our old leader team killervirus and Santus.



It would be great if we could see some old faces coming back to dac!
Everybody is welcome!

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» dac-SP fb
10.02.16 20:00h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


Happy Birthday dac Tm team










The dac TM team turned 10 years old and should be one of the oldest teams in Trackmania.




Before dacSP was born the dac team (defenders against chaos) and SP Team (Spieleplanet) were two seperate Teams.


With the fusion of dac and SP and the birth of dacSP a great time was going to start. And here are some of our archieved results:



TM2 Stadium:
3rd Places
-STC10/9 LB

Participated in:
ESL CPS 13&14 Div2



TMN/TmNF Tech :

1st Places:
-CAP 2012
-TMFL Europe Tech Season III 2010

2nd Places:
-TrackMania Masters 2012

EMS Participant of 2011




1st Places
-LE8 Division 3

Win of all nine Clanwars



3. Place SL3 Cup
Probably our best Placement in TMS Cups since we beat some div 1 Teams after got beaten by SFO (also a div 1 Team) in a score of 2:1

SL2 (Div.3 Place 3)
SL3 (Div.2 Place 4)
SL4 (Div.2 Place 2)



TmN/TmNF Speed :

Our Speed team played in the SPS2, 3 & 4 in Division 1
Januar 2010 win of an ESL Teamtimeattack cup.



1st Places
-SAM Cup 2008
-LE10 Division 2

2nd Places
-FET8 in the small final

Participated in :
SL5, UL5, UL6 in Division 1



Tm2 Canyon:

Played the twl0




Overall Clanwars
Game: Win/Draw/Lost
TmO: 9/0/0
TmS: 23/1/15
TmU/TmUF: 109:16:105
TmN/TmNF Tech: 211/16/123
TmN/TmNF Speed: 36:1:30
Tm2 stadium: 7/3/29
Tm2 Canyon: 2/0/4
Total: 397/37/306


740 wars have been played

Overall we participated since SL2 in all ET-Leagues except one STC.

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» dac-SP fb
29.11.15 18:00h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


A TrackMania era comes to his end...





Nearly 10Years of TrackMania Tech appearance are ending today. The bright and shiny time stopped several years ago but we never gave up but today we will close our TrackMania Team after a lot of problems, troubles and disappointing moments in the past 6 months we decided now to make the cut instead of having an never ending story of inactivity and defwins in future tournaments. We want to thank everybody who supported us through the past years/months/days even in the hard times.





Special thanks to Killervirus who was leading the team since the birth of the dac Tm team and from the beginning of the fusion from dac and SP and all other who are/were part of this fantastic team. We hope you enjoyed your time in dacSP or being a fan of us.





We hope that we can be someday back with a strong and hardworking line up!
After 9 Years, 10 Months and 740 driven clan wars we will do a stop in competing in different tournaments, however our TMU team will probably compete in the next UL or FET.





The leader team

Killervirus, Flame & Santus

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» dac-SP fb
17.09.15 18:00h (Beitrag von: de killervirus)


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